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I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona. My plans include traveling throughout the South-West US and International Yarnell Art instruction. My love of painting is only rivaled by the joy of sharing Jerry's techniques and easy to understand methods. Although we can never guarantee a "Mona Lisa", I can assure you that from each class you will learn something to add to your own natural talent and take back with you a set of skills to keep painting and having fun. It is amazing the adventures a painter can have without ever leaving home! I do, all the time. Join me!

If you are interested in learning more about the Yarnell School's  fine art painting techniques, send me an email! Or feel free to contact me directly at: 480.343.5215. I will be available for any occasion and look forward to meeting many new artists in my new role as a professional full time ARTIST!

My inaugural class in Phoenix AZ 

An amazing time was had by all! As with everything, we all learn all the time.  The biggest objective for me was to add to and profess Jerry's artisitic method and knowledge. 

We all know the three "P's" right.....? Don't piddle, play or putter!!!  I am introducing (as an instructor) the three "T's"! What, you may ask are these?? Well as an instructor it is my job to reinforce Jerry's substantial knowledge and information. I use the three "T's" as: The right TOOLSTECHNIQUES and TIME.  If ever I get the honor of having you in one of my classes you'll see what I am talking about. Feel free to reach out to the school if you are interested in me coming to your area. 

Thank you - Rich Fischer

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